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Usti Region, NAP
Joachim Harbeck/photocompany
MD TV EBH / Dominik Ketz
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Welcome to one of Europe’s most varied cycling routes. Come with us on a journey exploring nature, culture and lifestyle.

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ADFC, Jens Lehmkühler


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Short trip

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Joachim Harbeck/photocompany

Get out there

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Ö Grafik, TVSSW
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Construction sites

Restrictions and notes

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Sächsische Landesstiftung Natur und Umwelt NationalparkZentrum Sächsische Schweiz

Family adventure

On the Elberadweg with children

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Countless hosts along the Elberadweg would be glad to welcome you as a guest. Hotels, youth hostels, private rooms or guest houses: all the cycle-friendly hosts on this website comply with the ADFC’s criteria for cycle-friendly accommodation.