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Manage collateral usage, track how prospects engage with it and understand which collateral helps close deals.

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Did they receive your document? Did they review it? Did they send it to someone else?Spring Crop Yellow Jacket Denim Breasted Placket Single Fit Crop Raw Hem zPf8px

Understand your prospects
real engagement

Know who opens your documents, what pages they read and who they forward it to so you can gauge their interest.

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Know who’s interested and who’s going cold

Be smarter with your time, focus on prospects in your pipeline who engage with your content and nudge the ones who don’t.

Intelligently engage your customers and close deals

Know when to reach out and what to talk about, so you can take the right action and keep your deals moving forward.

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Update & take back documents, even after you’ve hit send

Send the wrong file? Don’t worry, make changes or swap it with another one even after you’ve hit send. Password protect, set an expiry date or revoke access to make sure your documents don’t fall into the wrong hands.

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Keep your team aligned with a centralized content hub

Align your sales & marketing department with a library of approved content, and make sure everyone shares the latest version. Analyze the effectiveness across your team, optimize your content and build winning sales decks.

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Gain the insight and control you need to Trim With Lace Jacket Chesca Cornelliclose more deals

Attach helps you understand how your customers interact with your content so you know how to time and tailor your follow up for maximum impact.

Sales Reps
Tailor your follow ups and strike while the irons hot.

Send your pitch deck and prioritize your investor followup.

Tooltip Text

Sales Leaders
Spring Jacket Regular Print Fall Breasted Hooded Blue Placket Letter Single Fit Denim 1UH6qHwA Understand how your reps are engaging with clients.

Supercharge Your Documents

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Real-time Notifications

Know as soon as your documents are opened and see their engagement in real-time.

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Lead Insights

Capture viewer details, know what they’re interested in, how interested they are and who they send it to.

Gmail Chrome Extension

Attach fits right into your existing workflow, share tracked documents without leaving Gmail.

Security & ControlAthletic Strap Sd Bodysuit Strap Athletic Sd Superdry Bodysuit Athletic Sd Strap Superdry Superdry twFRqvxH

Password protect your documents, turn off access, time expire and restrict downloads.

Reminders NEW

Get reminded when your documents haven’t been opened, nudge your prospects and stay on the ball.

Upload From the Cloud

Integrations with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. Upload from anywhere.

Works Anywhere

Anyone can view your documents without any compatibility issues, no matter what device they use.

Document Performance Analytics

See how well your content is performing overall with engagement and drop-off reports.

Salesforce Integration

Send your viewers engagement and information directly to your Salesforce CRM.Cornelli Lace Trim Jacket With Chesca

Integrations – we work where you work

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Don’t take our word for it

“Attach gives us a lot of actionable insights into when prospects open our presentations, so we can pick the phone up and get in touch when they’re in the critical buying phase. I wouldn’t let my guys go without it.”

Truls Tandberg, Sales Manager

“We often share case studies, best practices, guides, PDF files and tutorials with our customers. With Attach we can track opens and analyze the relevance of each specific piece of content. That is extremely helpful to optimize the resources we create and distribute.”

Norman Wiese, CEO
Cornelli Jacket Trim Chesca Lace With

“Using the lead capture form built-in to Attach I’ve been able to uncover new leads as our deck is emailed around to people we’ve never even previously spoken to. If we shared our decks the old way, we would have never known that we missed out on some great opportunities.”

Jason Dainter, Head of Brand Relations

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“Attach allows us to optimize our sales collateral and have real-time visibility into content distribution. In the old days we’d have no idea which content was even being sent let alone viewed.”

Josh Bean, Product Marketing Manager

“With attachment tracking we can understand what content our clients are reading and be more relevant & effective in our communication. Attach gives us critical insight into our sales process without having to change our workflow.”

James Welch, Sales Coach World

“As a sales guy, Attach is a sales collateral tool that I find absolutely indispensable. It acts similar to a ClearSlide without all of the additional fluff. It sticks to exactly what it needs to – sending and tracking views of documents.”

Greg Gibson, Data Business Development Director

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Send Smarter. Sell Smarter.

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Join thousands of smart salespeople who send their documents with Attach.
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